Monthly Archives: January, 2011

So You Want to Win a Medal?

When I first started running, I loved running in big events. There’s a special feeling about being part of an event with thousands of other people. I would get caught up in the energy of the crowd and get pulled along to the finish line. I enjoyed the anonymity of the big events. I think …

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There Ought to Be a Law!

How many times have you said that? Or heard someone say that? There are newspaper columns, blogs, even a film or two around that theme. And yet . . . Sometimes you find that there is a law already in place but it’s simply not followed nor enforced. A great example of this is a …

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Name Change

I changed the name of my blog this morning from “Mutterings, Mumblings, and Musings” to “Confessions of a Treadmill Runner.” It came to me overnight and I think it more accurately describes what I’m trying to do here. We’ll see how this sticks and make more adjustments as needed. Happy running!

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